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IT Infrastructure

We’re fully evaluated, and so our designs, giving us the advantages of being on the edge of technology, insuring the risk is always reduced, performance always increase, quality always reflect the SLA, and the cost is effective as possible.

Software Design

We have our own pattern of software design, giving us the required market competence, and so our customers visible value in today automation and effectiveness.

Business Study Case

We will help make the most robust and the least consuming business decision, running at the redaction of time and cost, and toward better business workflow.


Minimal Approach

More output for fewer resources, our approach will always have the considerations of maintenance cost and/or time to boot and be effective about it.

The Cloud

At One Dot, we utilize the full potential of the cloud, we deploy our own tools to automate the management of an abstracted homogeneous infrastructure. To give you a glance, we continuously benchmark the nodes at idle, centralize the logs and bring rule’s offender node to isolation.

Solid Requirements

Textbooks approach is great, but our approach is better.

We build our knowledge around the requirements and the study case, doing different evaluations and then find the optimal solution.