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Highly Available, Production Ready Network

The Cloud

At OneDot, we utilize the full potential of cloud platforms, we have developed our own tools to automate the management of an abstracted homogeneous infrastructure. To give you a glance, we continuously benchmark the nodes at idle, centralize the logs and bring rule’s offender node to isolation.


We invested on the best hardware & platform providers, we even aligned our working time zone with our upstream providers, to create a complete fast layer of support and issue resolving system. Some of our upstream providers:

Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

STC is a major connectivity path for most of the GCC countries in the region, as well a contributor to the advanced new SEA-ME-WE5 internet sea cable.


Dediserve is Dublin based company with global footprint. Dediserve only utilize in the best hardware and provide a 1000% uptime guarantee.


CityNetwork provide an extended support availability to 24/7 and a first response time at only 1h.


Our commitment to provide the most reliable services at all level, hence we choose DNS MADE EASY to provide the best DNS performance, reliability, and security by there ANYCAST+ technology.

There Is More!

We are also happy customers of Internap, ElasticHosts, and Quadranet.

Every and each one of our upstream network provider is reliable and production ready.

Why do we need such huge list? You might ask.

Simply, because each case require a unique solution, hence our unique providers for every case.

Our Global and Major Utilized Network Allow Us To Be A Major Competitor In Today Multi-Cloud and Zero-Lock Down Data Movement.